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Your frequent checkups with your new baby can be nerve racking, especially if it is your first child. You want to make sure your baby is healthy and you have been doing everything right.

Here are the questions you should be asking at each checkup.

Week 1

Does my baby have Jaundice?

Week 2

Is my baby eating enough, and receiving enough nutrition

Is it normal for my baby to be spitting up?

Week 8 through 16

Is my baby getting enough sleep?

When should my baby roll over?

What can I do if my baby is still spitting up?

How can I make my baby enjoy tummy time?

6 Months

When can I start solid food?

Should I be worried my baby isn’t rolling over yet?

My baby cries when I leave the room, is that normal?

Is it normal my baby isn’t crawling/walking by now?

Is it normal for my baby to not be trying to speak yet?

14 – 24 Months

How can I deal with temper tantrums?

Why is my baby crying each night?

How can I help my baby with verbal skills?

When should I start potty training?

Please remember that every baby develops at their own rate, these are just a few common concerns some new mothers have and it is important to not neglect them and to get professional advice on each one.




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