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Most first-time moms are usually afraid to travel with kids under 12 months because they seem to be too needy and they don’t know what to pack. However, vacations are important because they offer a chance for families to bond and create memories together, far away from home.

Traveling with my baby for the first time at 6 months wasn’t easy. I ended up packing too much unnecessary luggage that was heavy. But taking a few trips later, I learned that traveling with an infant is easy. Do you want to have stress-free travels with your young one? Well, below are some of the essential items that you need to pack.

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Travel Gear

They make the whole journey manageable by providing the much-needed convenience. Some of the travel gears that every mom should take with them during travel include:

  • Car-seat: It’s very important for the wellness and security of the baby especially if you are moving from one location to another if you are using a car, bus, train, or plane.
  • Push Chair: if your travel destination has bumpy and off-road walks, I recommend the all-terrain pushchair. It’s very easy to use and provides very little push resistance. A lightweight stroller is suitable if your destination is a city or developed town.
  • Sleep sack: keeps the baby comfy. A sleep sack is essential especially if you are traveling to a destination with unpredictable temperature changes.
  • Silicone Bibs: they are great for feeding. Silicone bibs are great for travel because they’re resistant to stains and are easy to wash.

Clothing and Diapers

I have traveled with my baby a couple of times and from experience, I have learned to pack a variety of clothing. This helps to ensure that the baby is comfortable regardless of different climatic conditions.

  • Cool clothes which include long trousers and long-sleeved tops help to protect the baby’s hands and legs from sun-rays.
  • Warm clothes are great for cold weather.
  • A hat with a large brim is important particularly if you will be spending more time outdoors.
  • Shorts and vests are suitable if the temperatures are very high.

Don’t forget to pack plenty of nappies if you are worried that you might not get your favorite type in your destination. Additionally, you need a nappy bag and nappy cream.


Travel Documents

When you are traveling, you and the baby need to have a valid passport. This is an irrefutable identification that helps to prove your citizenship and it’s vital if you are traveling to another country. Ensure that the passports will still be valid 6 months from your return date. Note that if you and the baby don’t share a surname (as in the case of a caregiver) then you may need to carry extra documents as per legal requirements.


For babies under the age of 1 year, the best source of entertainment is a toy. Children are not like adults, you might doze or sleep while traveling but children easily get bored and they need things such as toys to engage and entertain them.

Other Essentials

  • Baby Wipes: they are vital for cleanliness and hygiene. Pack tons of baby wipes for easy cleanups. You’ll not only use them to wipe the baby’s bottoms but also counters, chairs etc. Baby wipes are great travel companions.
  • Sunscreen: make sure it has an SPF of not less than 15 and it should be able to protect the skin against UVB and UVA. 
  • Swim nappies: babies under 12 months can be great swimmers. However, they are still not able to control their bowel movements at this age hence they need the swim nappies.
  • Toiletries such as baby wash, oil, and shampoo.
  • Camera: it’s important to capture those amazing travel memories during family holidays. Take your camera with you and don’t forget to carry a memory card and a charger.

Once you know all the travel essentials you need for the baby, start preparing and packing a few days before the due date. Every time I travel with my baby, my aim is to travel light but have all the essentials. This offers convenience and makes hotel transfers very easy. You can add some painkillers for emergencies and take your doctor’s number. In case your child develops signs of illness, you can easily consult with your healthcare provider.

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