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The best time for a family getaway is during spring break. While the US has a wide range of premium tourist destinations, these places are usually packed during this season. On the other hand, there are numerous exotic and cost-friendly destinations which are outside but close to the US that offer tranquility and luxury. Some of the best international family-friendly destinations that are safe and perfect for spring break include:

spring break

1. Cancun-Mexico

Cancun has spectacular spots and stunning beaches that make spring break enjoyable. Globally, this touristy city is rated as the go-to spot for families that are looking for exotic holiday destinations. Located along the Mexican Caribbean shores, Cancun offers visitors access to eco-parks, ruins, authentic culinary, and multiple water spots.

From scuba diving to parasailing to snorkeling, this destination provides parents as well as kids with an unlimited fan. The nearby Yucatan area has numerous excursion activities without forgetting Coco Bongo which features acrobatics who entertain holiday markers with their spectacular dance performances. Additionally, the Chichen Itza is a sight to behold and its one of the archeological sites that’s a world wonder. 

2. Paris –France

Whether you are looking for an exotic destination that features a unique blend of cultures or a cool, refreshing and family-friendly city, Paris has it all. From the Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Seine River, this city has a magical and relaxing ambiance that’s good for spring break. It has a way of romancing visitors and satiating their holidaying needs. Paris has incomparable attractions which range from monuments such as the renowned Eiffel Tower to art galleries, open-air museums, and gardens.

Every day in Paris feels like a runaway only that everyone has their own pace. The beauty of this city is the detail in everything. After one visit only, you will definitely have a lifelong affair with Paris. There is a new world of discovery that awaits you in the streets as well as the neighborhoods.

3. Niagara Falls- Ontario

This is one of the most famous attraction sites in Canada. Niagara Falls is just a few hours away from the US and it’s normally visited by millions of tourists annually. The falls can be seen from the edge and feature thrilling spectacles such as daredevils and tightrope walkers. It has a carnival type of atmosphere and families can enjoy walks from the Clifton hill towards the falls and the gorge.

4. Toronto Islands-Canada

This is a small but beautiful chain of islands that are found in L. Ontario. Toronto Islands features multiple dreamy beaches as well as beautiful amusement rides. Although it’s just less than 20 minutes away from the city’s downtown center, these islands feel like a far-off tourist destination. 
The family-friendly spot is best explored during the day.

Some of the top sites to explore in Toronto Islands include the Artscape Gibraltar Point that features studio spaces as well as artist residencies. The Gibraltar sand dunes are good for sunbathing and Ward’s Island is a secluded cozy location that offers tourists the dreamy island life.

5. Dublin –Ireland

The City of Dublin itself has numerous attractions that are more than enough for a family holiday. But Dublin’s coastal villages and towns offer tourists a unique glimpse of castles, history, architecture, as well as geographical sites. You will even be able to catch the scenic glimpse of Italy from the shorelines.

For instance, the village if Dalkey is famous with celebrities thanks to the privacy it offers. This is the best place for spring break for you and your family because it’s cool and refreshing. Apart from the stunning surrounding views, the Village of Dalkey offers tourists a sense of escape from the fast-paced city life. Additionally, you can visit the Dun Laoghaire which has beautiful gracious streets. There is also Howth, a seaside village and the leafy stunning grounds of Malahide.

6. Greenwich-London

This is the meeting point for western and eastern hemisphere. If you are looking for a scenic and geographically attractive family travel destination outside the US, Greenwich has amazing attractions, breathtaking views as well as a unique royal heritage. This destination is located just a few minutes away from central London and its geographic setting is a riverside. For an adventurous family, you can visit the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich market, use the Emirates Airline cable car, and explore the Queen’s House etc.

spring break

7. Playa del Carmen-Mexico

This destination has slowly carved its own niche as a Euro-chic destination. It’s located along the Yucatan Peninsula and it’s normally visited by vacationing Americans. Playa Del Carmen is renowned for its beautiful palm-lined coral reefs and beaches. The block of shops, the running thoroughfare of Quinta Avenida as well as exotic restaurants have everything for everyone. It is one of the top holiday destinations in Mexico that is safe.

Playa Del Carmen features white sandy beaches and turquoise waters alongside a laidback but classy bohemian vibe. This destination has so many sites to explore and things to do. Previously, it was the number one fishing village in Mexico and its now home to the world’s 2nd longest coral reef, the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef.

8. South Bank & Waterloo –London

Located on the southern side of the Thames River, the south bank is a family-friendly travel destination that’s dotted with a wide range of artistic venues, attraction sites, and stylish eateries. The wealth of innovation and heritage that’s found here is suitable for the whole family. The Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth’s Hall, and Royal Festival Hall are some of the sites that have attractive architecture.

For sunny or evening strolls, you can take a walk down the Thames. Waterloo is an artistic avenue that has multiple vantage points for viewing the Thames. It’s a culturally interesting destination that’s rich in history and architecture.

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