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A loving mother will ALWAYS use only the best for their baby. That is something no one can argue, and this is true when talking about anything from food to toys, to diapers, and anything else you could possibly think of. So why are mother’s settling for using normal, cotton wash cloths? It is simply because they do not know the benefits of Bamboo WipesBamboo is to cotton what cotton is to polyesterYou wouldn’t want to dress your baby in a polyester onezie so why do you bathe your baby with cotton wipes??

Cotton wipes that get wore down, and bread bacteria, they get scratchy and rough after a few uses…. Now that you are thinking about it, I bet you are wondering why you use cotton wash cloths! Well its time to get informed and change things up because you want what’s best for you baby, we all do!

Bamboo Wipes are the wipes which most mom’s out there want to provide for their babies. These are for specific reasons and these are also the same reasons why their babies get love and care from parents especially from their mothers.

Bamboo Is Hypo-allergenic, providing your delicate baby with only the safest, softest, fabric that will never irritate their skin.

Bamboo is Anti-bacterial, it will not spread bacteria like cotton does, you MAY think you’re cotton cloths are clean enough to keep using but they are really just breading bacteria that you can’t even see, and then spreading it all over!!

SOFTNESS! Bamboo Wipes are extremely soft… and not just right out of the package… they actually are known to get softer after each wash. so say goodbye to rough worn in cotton wash cloths and look like they have been to h*ll and back after just a few washes. Try bamboo, see the difference for yourself. Bamboo as a fibre is naturally more round than cotton so you are certain not to irritate the skin.

Bamboo  is also way more absorbent than cotton so you will get most out of one cloth when you are cleaning god knows what off of god knows where! Take that cotton.

So once again, if you want to provide the absolute best care for your child, what better way to start than to pick up a back of bamboo wash cloths. put a few in your bag when you go out, keep them in the bathroom, keep them in the kitchen i Guarantee! you will find use for them in all of those places!

PS: They are great for Mom too! 😉



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