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Congratulations!! Ready for Your Pregnancy Announcement??

You have been given the ultimate gift and are preparing to become a parent.  Each day you grow closer to your due date and each day it is becoming more of a reality that soon you will have this little human to care for, love and nurture for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to SHOUT it from the mountain tops???  Are you ready to SHARE that social media post letting everyone know??


  • Timing

You probably knew at like 6-7 weeks you were pregnant. But the unfortunate fact is that upwards of 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage before 20 weeks.  So when considering when to announce your news waiting a little longer is safe bet.  While many will choose to announce at the end of the first trimester (12 weeks) waiting even longer can give you more comfort that this pregnancy will indeed go to term.  Miscarriages are very painful (both physically and emotionally) and once the word is out about your pregnancy having to announce a miscarriage could be extremely heartbreaking.  Most experts will say announcing well after 12 weeks and waiting until 20 will give you greatest chance of bypassing the social pain of a miscarriage.

  • Gender

Many couples opt not to find out the gender of their baby.  There are still quiet a few who find out if they need blue or pink paint!!  As you think about the pregnancy announcement you should consider whether you plan to share their gender (pending you know it).  Some would say keeping that part secret helps keep a little piece of your pregnancy for just you (and your partner).  If you do plan to share the gender there are several more questions you can anticipate answering… like name choices, nursery options… the list goes on!

  • Family

This is a tough one as more often than not family dynamics are riddled with year of emotions.  And all too often the layers are deep and peeling back each one would take longer than your pregnancy!  While I am not suggesting you put someone else’s feelings over your own there could be situations where a loud and explosive pregnancy announcement could cause significant pain and sadness for a family member.  Maybe consider a small and private pregnancy announcement.   In pregnancy announcements the idea is to share this joyous occasions with other and to have others feel compelled to celebrate with you… if the receiving party is unable to do so it would hurt both of you.

  • Intentions

Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life; you grow a tiny human, you learn about self-sacrifice, you learn the meaning of true love.  Sharing all of that can become obsessive.  You can get caught in the social media trap and loose the true intention of why you are sharing all of that.  Before your pregnancy announcement consider the question of “WHY?”  Are your intentions authentic and organic in sharing the magic and beauty of this time??  Or are you caught up in the social media mess??  As you embark on this adventure of parenting you will be posed with this idea time and time again… beginning to understand your intentions NOW (in pregnancy) will set you up for success as a parent!


Once you are ready to announce your pregnancy there are MILLIONS of ways to do it and finding the best way for you and you partner can be a fun process.  Make sure you are ready and have considered the magnitude of this announcement… it is the first moment the world meets your little nugget… even if they are just the size of an apple!


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