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Girls are considered to be fast learners compared to boys. Well, this is somehow true. Being a mom of several kids, one of the things that I noticed with my girls is that they reached certain milestones faster than the boys. But potty training girls isn’t the same as boys. Although it’s much easier, below are some of the essential tips and strategies that are beneficial for potty training girls.

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Make Sure She is Ready For Potty Training

Starting potty training when your little girl isn’t ready will make the whole process longer and more challenging. Before you begin, make sure that she is ready. Some of the signs that can indicate that she’s now ready for potty training include being able to follow instructions, ability to express themselves, expressing interest in using the toilet, having a predictable poo or pee cycle among others.

Let Her Watch You

Being a mommy to a little girl is all fun. You know, children are great at imitation. From combing hair to washing dishes, they’ll out rightly imitate you even if they are doing it incorrectly. One thing that made potty training sessions easier and better with my girl is having her watch me. I’d use words like” mommy is peeing”. Within no time, she too wanted to pee like mommy. This was also the best opportunity to teach her why mommy sits down and daddy stands up while we are using the toilet.

The Correct Position

Girls can only poo or pee correctly in one position, by sitting down. While training my young one, I had to get them in the correct position first. I had to make sure that their feet are completely flat on the floor and the pelvis is placed in a horizontal position. Getting the feet in a properly planted position makes them feel secure and firm. It makes it easier for them to “push” the poo out. Furthermore, the correct position reduces the chances of accidental messes and fewer chances of urine infections.

Note: Your little girl can sit in a forward or backward position. Don’t be rigid, let her do it the way she wants. 

Correct Wiping During Potty Training

This is very important and also challenging. Boys don’t need to wipe themselves if they are peeing only but this is vital for girls. Additionally, when it comes to pooing, girls should wipe themselves from the front towards the back. This helps to reduce urine infections. Some parents may be uncomfortable with their young ones watching them while they are relieving themselves. Well, this is understandable. You can use a doll to teach them. Besides that, you can teach them by correctly wiping them. 

Note: little girls who are still preschoolers may find it hard to wipe themselves correctly. Always do it for them. Additionally, you may be tempted to use disposable wipes. Do not. Disposable wipes contain chemicals which may disrupt the levels of vaginal mucosa causing itchiness or vaginal irritation.

Look Out for Infections

While wiping is important for young girls, most of them are still not able to do it correctly at this stage. It is therefore important to watch out for various vaginal infections which are usually more rampant in kids who are in the potty training stage. In case your young one wipes themselves from back to front, the bacteria from the anus may find its way to the urinary tract.

Some of the common signs that you should look out for include burning sensations during urination, cloudy or bloody urine, urine with foul smell, a frequent need to urinate among others. In case you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, kindly call your pediatrician as soon as possible.

potty training

Keep Calm

Do not pressure your young girl. I have noticed that kids usually learn better and faster when we are patient with them. The best thing a mom can do at this stage is to offer inspiration and help. Reading lots of parenting books has helped me handle various milestones including successful and effective potty training.

Note: there are dolls which have been specifically designed for potty training. Some of them even come with a mini potty. You can get your young one this. You can learn more about this by using interactive mobile applications that are designed to help kids. 

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