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Dear partner, as much as pregnancy is considered a natural, it honestly doesn’t feel so. It’s fascinating to have a tiny human growing inside me but it’s also stressful to adapt to the new changes. My body and mind have undergone multiple transformations and I miss the usual things that I was used to. I can’t even turn at night or just toss around like before. This is an exciting and demanding phase, however, there are some things that I wish you knew about.

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I am Struggling with Body Issues

This is one of the most difficult phases in my life when it comes to physical appearance. I am aware that weight gain is normal for pregnant moms. However, I am almost tripling my normal weight and these numbers continue to tilt the scale every day. Additionally, the varicose veins, stretch marks, and acne have made everything unbearable. I feel like I am a whole new person and it makes it difficult for me to go to public spaces. My body is changing at a faster pace and it seems there’s nothing I can do to change it.

It’s Impossible to Control My Food Cravings

I know you get bored when I tell you I want cold milk in the middle of the night. But I really can control the cravings. Besides that, I can’t predict them. I am usually serious when I say that I am full after dinner but then these cravings just happen. However, I want you to know that I appreciate everything that you do and even going two steps ahead to add chocolate in my milk.

My Low Libido Has Nothing To Do With You

While this has been a debatable issue for weeks now, it has nothing to do with you. You should understand that pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal and physical changes. I am constantly tired. Furthermore, my body weight and acne make me feel unattractive. I have not pushed you on the side intentionally, but I just don’t feel sexy anymore.

My Heart Melts When You Talk About Our Little One


This no better way I can explain how my heart feels when you speak about our little one. When you sit and tell me that you can’t wait to feel the texture of their hair and the see the color of their eyes. My heart melts every time you lean close to my tummy so that you can talk and listen to our bundle of joy. And when I tell you that the kicks are getting stronger, you reassure me that that’s our little warrior is just perfecting on their ninja kicks. All these make me a happy mum!

I Love the Massages

I love the belly, back, and foot rubs. There’s no better way to calm and relax my body than getting those deep massages. Not only do I get to bond with you but also the baby gets to feel “us” together. These are magical moments that make the leg cramps and backaches disappear. Knowing that you will be giving me these massages and slow rubs during labor make me excited and I can’t wait till our little one arrives.

I am Pregnant but Not Fragile

I know I complain a lot and sometimes I feel delicate because of the new changes. However, I want you to know that I am not fragile or made of glass. I appreciate everything that you do and all I need is understanding. When I say pregnancy makes me weak I don’t mean to make you feel guilty. The pain and discomfort can be too much and unbearable. Sometimes all I need is reassurance. Ooh, and cuddles too. 

Lastly, I Want You to Get Involved

Your involvement matters not only to me but also to the baby. So I want you to be here for us as much as you can. I know there are days that you are busy and exhausted, but taking an initiative step such as asking me what I need and how I feel matters a lot. Attending the doctor’s appointments with you in person is not only crucial for decision making but it also makes me know that you want the best for our baby just like I do.

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