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The best way which kids can get a better grasp of the world we are living in currently is by emulating our actions. Speaking to your child is important but there is no better way of raising great kids other than having or forming the right habits. Children copy what we do all the time. Countless times I have seen my young one imitate how I walk. So when it comes to raising great kids, it’s about us, the parents and not them. Being a veteran mom, some of the best habits that I think every parent should have in order to raise great & well-adjusted kids include:

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1. Kindness

Most parents normally think that kids are command prompts and they can only take instructions. The way we use words around them will either cultivate an empathic or rogue and aggressive kid. By saying please, sorry, and thank you, I have learned that I am not only being appreciative but also setting an example. These words help to instill respect, empathy, and sympathy. Note that a child who understands the importance of saying thank you or please grows and becomes aware of what it takes to receive or give out. It instills a deep sense of gratitude and helps them to understand that nothing should be taken for granted.

2. Be Honest

In this modern age, lying to your kid isn’t necessary because they will eventually find things out. Be honest with them from the start. This helps them to avoid telling lies regardless of the circumstances. You cannot teach them that honesty is the best policy but you need to lead by acting as the example.

3. Have a Good Relationship with Your Partner

We all have heard of couples who choose to stay together just for the sake of the kids’ even though we can see that they have a bad relationship. Children normally admire their parents and they pick after them. For instance, there are some days when we are not in good terms with my spouse and this reflects in the way our kids behave towards us as well. As a result, we have learned to solve our issues on time so that it doesn’t spill over to them. We try as much as possible to remain respectful no matter our differences before we can come up with a working solution. 


Choosing to stay in a bad relationship is one way of letting your child know that it’s okay to be abused or disrespected. The eventual effect is that you end up raising emotionally weak kids. Remember that you can have a good relationship with your partner even when you are separated. This helps your children to know that they don’t have to put up negative relationships just for the sake of it. 

4. Show Them Work Ethics

The way you work will greatly influence the behavior of your kids. Having a good work model is one of the most effective ways of raising great kids. They will be able to learn from your achievements and make better choices from your mistakes. Studies have shown that kids who grow in households where both parents have strong work ethics are overachievers. A research that was conducted by the Harvard Business School shows that daughters who had working moms had better chances of staying in school longer and they are more likely to earn more money than those who are raised by moms who stay at home.

5. Daily Reading

Cultivating daily reading habit for your kids is important. In the current society where technology and smart devices take the day, it’s important to develop an early reading habit while they are still young. Studies show that children who are well-read can fare better and cope with different challenges from the knowledge they get from books. This doesn’t include the simple bedtime stories. You can instill a reading habit in them by reading on regular basis. Remember that kids are great emulators and they easily pick after our habits.

6. Communicating Your Feelings

Even though you may think that your children are still young, they are able to understand certain things. I find it amazing and refreshing to share with them how I feel and it helps to create a better understanding between us. Am I sad? Stressed? Sick? Or fatigued? Whatever it is, I tell them. Your unwillingness to share your feelings will influence them and make them tuck away certain things from you. Do you want to raise great kids? Right. Share with them your emotions. With time, they will be able to open up about what is in their subconscious and actively express how they are feeling. This is important for social development- an invaluable tool that can be very beneficial later in life.


7. Setting Boundaries

This definitely works. Make your kids understand that there are limits in everything. For instance, my kids understand that 10 PM is the screen time limit. Children who follow rules are well-disciplined and achievers. In the current modern world, boundaries help them to thrive and stay grounded. 

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