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Secrets to Get and Keep Your Pantry Organized For Baby

We all love to have our pantries organized. But keeping it organized has proven to be a difficult task for many people. In many cases, people organize their pantries and end up having it disorganized within no time.For this reason, I will be giving you tips for organizing your panties and keeping it that way all the time. Read on to acquire some of the hacks’ that will help you have and keep an organized pantry.



1.Assess how frequent you use each item

In your kitchen, there are items that you use daily, and there are others that you probably use fortnightly. After you have established what items are used frequently, plan on putting them nearer than those items that are used occasionally. For instance, if you use your cereals every morning, and a certain spice fortnightly, it would be an ideal move to arrange the tin of spice behind the box of cereal. This way, you will not have to constantly disarrange the shelves just to access items that you frequently use.

2.Invest in labels and containers

Labels are an excellent way to locate a specific item easily, without necessarily rummaging through all the items on the shelf. Labels work well when the tins used to organize the pantries are the same. First things first, if a shelf is organized using similar tins, it becomes more appealing to the eye, than when different tins are used. If similar tins are used, labels will make your life easier in keeping your pantry organized.    After purchasing food items, it is ideal to transfer them to containers, rather than leaving them in boxes. Boxes occupy more space and are less organized. Purchase clear containers to help you easily trace an item whenever you need it.

3.Group like items together

Grouping food items together will help you locate specific items with ease. Keeping like items together, on a specific shelf, will help you know where exactly to find a particular item. For instance, put grains or nuts together, spices together, or snacks together.  Let other members of the family know where each item is stored. If you have kids, you can create a kids section in the pantry. This way, they would not have to rummage through other items to find their snacks. Ensure the kid’s section is kid-friendly.

4.Immediately put ingredients at its place of storage after use pantry

Immediately after using an item, say a spice, put it back from where you got it from. Do not wait until you are done cooking, or later in the day. This way, you not only keep your pantry organized but also your entire kitchen.    Besides, you should consider putting bulky items on the lower shelves. Having to lift bulky items on higher shelves may discourage you from putting it back to its spot after use.

5.Invest in small shelves for storage of smaller items

I know you frequently lose small sachets in your kitchen than any other thing. They tend to slip behind bigger tins or behind boxes on the shelves. Besides them getting lost, they look disorganized when carelessly thrown on the shelf, since they cannot stand like boxes do.Invest in small plastic shelves, which can be stuck on the edges of the bigger shelves, or on the doors of cupboards. Alternatively, you can put the sachets in small containers, and seal them.

6.Get a pegboard

Pegboards are an ideal way of keeping some of your cooking items, and cutlery organized. You can hang some of your items on a pegboard, rather than putting them in a drawer. Hanging them on a pegboard eliminates rummaging through shelves and draws.Fortunately, pegboards are an easy DIY.  In conclusion, we all know the demerits of having a disorganized pantry. It encourages invasion by pests and increases wastage of food materials.


Having a disorganized pantry can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to locate an item in vain. Imagine how frustrating it can be to fail to locate your favorite spice while cooking, only to find it hours later after you have already eaten your food. To avoid such and many other frustrations that come with having a disorganized pantry, follow the above secrets and tips. Try employing the above-discussed tips, and see how flawless your pantry will be.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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