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After the labor when you finally come back home and want to be in peace, a phone starts ringing. Everyone wants to see your new family member! But before accepting any newborn visitors, you have to prepare yourself, baby, house and the visitors. Those who have their own children they know that the first couple of weeks or a first month are the hardest and that you should leave the new family in peace, however, your relatives and closest friends will not leave you alone.

newborn visitors

• Don’t Keep Your Child In The Most Sterile Place

Some of the moms are afraid that newborn visitors will bring many bacteria’s to the house and a baby will get sick. It’s not true and actually, keeping your child in a completely sterile space isn’t healthy because when your child grows up a bit and it’s time to go to the kinder garden or just to play outside with other kids, you will see how many allergies your baby will have. So, don’t be afraid when newborn visitors come and play with your baby.

• “Prepare” Baby For Visitors

You have to prepare a baby to meet new people. Make sure that before guests are coming, a baby would be fed and had at least a couple of hours of sleep, otherwise, neither baby nor visitors will be able to play and spend some time together. If your kid is already eating, prepare his/her food before visitors came so you won’t have to spend half of the time in the kitchen. If you have your girlfriends coming over, ask your
baby father to take care of some duties such as diaper changing.

• Don’t Try To Look Perfect

People are coming to see the baby so they really don’t care about your house or if you are wearing a make-up. Clean up a bit, don’t leave old socks all over the house and change from pajamas to casual clothes. That’s it, don’t bother yourself with an impressive dress that is way too small for you at the moment, be natural everyone knows that you just went through a lot of changes mentally and physically.

•Set A Schedule 

You should ask for your newborn visitors to spend up to 2 hours at your place. It’s an optimal time for everyone, you won’t get too tired, baby won’t get irritated and guests will have time for both you and the baby. Some of the moms are afraid that they will insult guests by saying that they can come only for 2 hours, but you don’t have the luxury to receive newborn visitors for a longer time.

• Don’t Bother Cooking 

When someone is coming to visit a newborn it is common to bring some food. Everyone knows that new families do not have time for anything but a baby. If you want, you can serve some snacks like cheese, nuts or dried fruit. Don’t bother yourself with cooking and especially difficult meals like lasagna.

• Accept Help

newborn visitor

If one of your visitors (relatives or close friends) offers you help during this period, you should accept it. It looks like you will never leave the baby, but believe me, it is very important to spend some quality time alone or with your husband. So, every time someone offers a help, take it and enjoy your life. Babies are important but you are also a human being who has needs and desires.

• Make a Gift List

Newborn visitors always come with some gifts and usually it is unnecessary things. Make a gift list and send it to everyone, it is better if guests will bring you more diapers than a toy that is intended for a 1-year-old child.

Just Relax 

Relax and do not worry about anything, you just had a baby and the only thing you should worry about is baby, your health and your feelings. Don’t try to impress anyone or show that labor has not changed you at all. Many new moms are trying to pretend that they are the same people who were before having a baby, well do not pretend because you are a different person with different feelings. Enjoy your time with relatives and
friends and take care of your little ones.

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