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6 Of The Most Beautiful Things About Your Newborn

Your baby’s newborn phase is short and full of wonder. You’ll have to contend with a lack of sleep and learn how to change nappies on the fly but those things are a small price to pay for the amazing experience of guiding a new life through the first parts of its life. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and here are a few reasons why.



1. Your Name Lives On: Your newborn baby is the latest iteration in a long line of genetics. The world as you know it will be passed on to your newborn and the infinite number of ways that your newborn’s life could pan out will give you the strength to believe in a better future. Your newborn has a chance to live the kind of life that you would have wanted to live and you have the pleasure of guiding that journey.     I always wanted to be a ballerina dancer. The time for me to do that has passed but I can still help my newborn daughter achieve that goal. If she decides that she wants to do something else with her life, that’s cool too. What’s important is that she knows I will be there to support her through it all.

2. The Way They Smell: The smell of a newborn baby is the most amazing thing that your nose will ever experience. The scent is so alluring that it will make you fall in love with any baby as soon as you get close enough for the aroma to fill your nostrils. Random women would come up to me while I walked around with my newborn and smell her head. You’ll understand their reasoning once your baby has gotten past the new baby smell phase and you start to miss it too.

newborn3. Their Facial Expressions: The world is an amazing place when you’re a newborn. Everything is new and just waiting to be explored which is why babies are always looking at things with so much wonder in their eyes. Newborns tend to be very expressive with their faces because it is their sole form of communication other than crying so you’ll spend a lot of time figuring out what each facial expression means. Some of them are easier to understand than others and you’ll have fun learning what each expression means.

4. Their Unconditional Love: You newborn will love you with every fiber of their tiny beings. The newborn is completely dependent on you and his/her gratitude for all the care that you show will be evident in how much love you receive. You’ll feel all that love when he snuggles up to you and shows how much he loves being in your arms.

5. Having a Newborn Will Force You to Improve Yourself: Raising a child is a challenge. Holding that newborn in your arms for the first time will make you realize that you need to step up your game so that you can provide your baby with a great life. I became aware of how my children mirror my every move therefore I had to set the best example possible by watching my temper and learning to calm things down when everything around me was descending into chaos. A newborn baby is exactly that I needed to become the greatest version of myself.

6. A Newborn Will Make You Reassess What’s Important In Life:    Life tends to get filled with things that don’t matter. Pop culture, television and keeping up with the Joneses (or Kardashians) may have been a vital part of your life at one point but being responsible for a new life will make you want to cut all those things out because they are really not that important in comparison. You’ll have to get rid of all those meaningless things to make room for toys and baby clothes. It might seam like a big sacrifice at first but you will be happier for it in the long run.

Everybody deserves the chance to do what makes them happy. If you choose to bring a newborn into this world then you are signing up for a challenging task that will change your life in many ways. Some days are easier than others but the beautiful things about newborns listed above make me certain that I made the right decision.


Until  Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell


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