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Don’t slip up and be a dweeb. Here are some great things to say to a new mom to brighten their day, help them feel less alone and just offer compassion.

new mom
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  1. You are amazing
  2. Let me fold that while you sleep
  3. I love you
  4. How do you take your coffee?
  5. What is your favorite sweet treat?
  6. You are doing a great job as a new mom
  7. How can I help you?
  8. It’s okay to feel afraid
  9. Don’t worry about the dirty dishes
  10. You are amazing
  11. Your strength is unmatchable
  12. Hey mama, you look beautiful
  13. Thank you
  14. Life just got a little more happy
  15. Life just got a little more crazy
  16. I see your resilience and admire you
  17. You are my hero
  18. You are a born nurturer
  19. This baby needs you
  20. You have the biggest heart as a new mom
  21. You are a total bad ass
  22. No, I don’t see any milk splattered all over you
  23. Your life will never be the same and that is AMAZING
  24. What time is best for your first pre-natal massage?
  25. You are amazing
  26. Yes, I will bring you more coffee
  27. I admire you.
  28. Trust your instincts as a new mom
  29. All your baby needs is your love
  30. How are you, honestly?
  31. You look great as a new mom
  32. I totally understand what you are going through
  33. You are a natural
  34. It’s okay to cry. I did
  35. All babies cry
new mom

No matter what a new mother is feeling over-whelmed, tired and likely anxious. And remember to never be upset by what a new mother may say to you.. be patient and be kind.

Cherish the new mom in your life. She is going through an amazing time yet challenging and like walking in the dark without a light.

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