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Stomach ache is a common condition in children. It may be caused by diet, bugs, food allergies, growing pains, stress, or as a result of overeating. It’s sometimes very difficult to evaluate stomach aches in children especially if they aren’t able to communicate. When I first had my baby, it was very difficult for me to know when they had a stomach ache. However, with time I learnt some of the common symptoms of stomach pains and they include:

  •  Discomfort after eating
  •  Unusual fussiness
  •  Fever
  •  Diarrhea or difficulty in passing stool
  •  Vomiting

Fortunately, there are numerous natural remedies which I used to provide quick relief. If you are a new mother and you are wondering how you can effectively handle this, outlined below are five natural home remedies which I normally use to soothe and settle my child’s stomach ache.


1. I Ensure The Child is Well-Hydrated

The body requires water in order for it to effectively digest food. Besides that, water is essential for nutrient absorption. Most of the times when my baby suffered from stomach aches, it’s because they were dehydrated. Dehydration makes the process of digestion difficult and it can result in stomach upset. If you notice that your child has stomach ache, give them water. Other drinks which are suitable for easing stomach pains are:

  •  Ginger ale tea or mint tea: These herbal teas help to soothe the aching stomach nerves, thereby reducing stomach pain. 
  •  Coconut water: It’s an effective liquid that promotes hydration. It contains essential nutrients that help to reduce stomach cramps, muscle spasms, and pain. 
  •  Milk of magnesia: Great for constipation
  •  Chamomile tea: helps to soothe the stomach lining

Note that if the baby’s stomach ache is accompanied by vomiting, then avoid feeding them solid and oily foods or dairy products. Feed them liquid products until the stomach pain completely subsides.

2. Yogurt

This is a type of probiotic food that helps to soothe stomach pain. Yogurt in a natural remedy that’s effective for alleviating the symptoms of common tummy aches and diarrhea. Medical reports show that it has the “good bacteria” which helps to aid the process of digestion. The bacteria help to enhance the functions of microbes found in the gut and thereby resetting the digestive health. In case of stomach upsets, I normally give child my child a mixture of grounded fenugreek seeds and yogurt.

3. Warm Compress

It’s one of the most effective and safest solutions for alleviating stomach ache in children. I love using warm compress because it doesn’t result in any side effects. Additionally, it provides a faster relief. I normally use a heating pad or a bottle with warm water and place it over my child’s abdomen. The heat causes an increase in blood flow to the skin’s surfaces and diminishes the pain perception that comes from the abdomen.
Note: If you’re using a heating pad, you need to select the lowest heat level and if it’s a bottle of warm water, wrap a piece of cloth around it. Don’t forget to check the level of warmth before you start the compression process. Additionally, don’t leave the heating pad on for too long because it may damage the baby’s sensitive skin. 

4. Foot Reflexology

Hands and feet contain numerous nerves which provide different parts of the body with a therapeutic effect. Sometimes when I notice my baby has a stomach ache, I take their feet in my hands and apply a gentle pressure on the central-arch. I use my thumbs to gentle press on their feet and hold on for a few seconds. This will make them feel calmer and more relaxed.

5. Gentle Stomach Massage


The effects of stomach pain can be eased by gentle massaging the child’s stomach. Normally, I use fingers and palms to massage the baby’s tummy in circular repeated motions. The aching muscles and nerves found in the stomach area will be relieved due to the enhanced blood circulation in this area. For a new mother, you can also give your baby a massage from the chin going downwards, towards the lower end of their abdomen.

These are some of the best natural remedies that I often use to ease stomach pains in my child. The goal is to make them feel less pain and more comfortable. Kids are very sensitive when they feel unwell. So I ensure that I dress them in clothes that fit loosely. The stomach pain may be also caused by overeating so it’s good to let them rest. 

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