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Maternity leave, the best time to bond with your baby    Maternity leave is about bonding with a baby and healing physically and mentally from what I have been through. It is also a great opportunity to do a lot of things, however, every woman feels different so only she can decide whether she wants to go out, visit new places and find new hobbies or no. I will try to give you some ideas what you can do during maternity leave, what places to visit, what new things you could experience and just give you some inspiration for what to do so you could make the most of this time. Let’s dig into the list.    


maternity leave

 •Check Your Insurance.

When I had a baby, I totally forgot that there is a new member in our family and didn’t care about all the papers. Thank god, to my husband that he contacted insurance and other institutions to make changes. In the first couple of weeks you will be always afraid and think that your baby is sick and most probably you will take your baby to the hospital, (even if there are no problems at all) so before doing that make sure that your insurance works for your newborn too.    

•Take All The Videos And Photos

Believe me, after a couple of years you will be looking at these photos or videos and you will thank yourself that you captured every precious moment. Our little ones are growing very fast and you will miss those little fingers very much.    

•Make Mommy Friends.

Being a mom changes your routine 100%. If you have friends with children it’s great, if you don’t then make some! You can find them on blogs, social media groups, etc. It’s very nice to have someone that completely understand you and can share your experiences with.    

•Take Your Baby And Travel Together.

Even if it’s a trip to the next town. You will change your environment and that will help you to relax, plus it’s going to be one of your and baby’s firsts experiences that will stay in your memory forever. Walk around, check toy stores and visit a cafeteria. Maternity leave is the best time for short or long trips after you are back to work, you will have only free weekends or holidays which you will want to spend with your whole family or friends.   


•Swimming Pool.

Baby is never too young for a swimming pool and it is an excellent way to move your muscles and a great way to bond with your baby.Maybe you will also make new mommy friends.    

•Local Coffee Shops.

Coffee was my best friend during maternity leave because I had no time for a sleep at all. It is a great place to meet your friends that you haven’t seen in a while and it’s also a baby-friendly palace so you don’t have to hire a nanny while you are sipping your coffee.   


maternity leave

It is a good place because it’s completely quiet and calm(which is very rare in your house at the moment), you can spend some time just for yourself (read some books, magazines or just browse on the internet) and some bigger libraries have some free sessions about parenting.   

•A Night Out 

Yes, it is very important to remember that you are a human being too not only a mom! Take your best friends and go out like old times to your favorite bar or a nightclub at least for a couple of hours, you will see that other activities besides loving your baby are also can be very fun. Plus,when your maternity leave is over and you come back to work, you won’t have so much time for your friends.   

Maternity leave is a great time to do so many things with and without your baby. Visit your relatives, I assure they will take your baby from you will pamper your newborn all day long while you are eating your mom’s or aunt’s pie and chit chatting with your sister or a cousin.

First experiences are important, so be creative and try to visit as many parks, forests, beaches or any other places where you and baby will be surrounded by wonderful nature. Also, if you are creative try to design some clothes for your newborn or even make a toy, I’m sure it’s going to be your baby’s favorite.    

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