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Major pregnancy complications encountered by expectant mothers

As a mother and in particular expectant mothers, have you ever thought of the healthy problems that you can experience during pregnancy generally referred to as pregnancy complications? These complications may influence the baby’s healthy, the mother’s health or can affect both of you. Some complications are as a result of healthy problems in some mother before they become pregnant whereas others are as a result of problems that may arise during pregnancy. As a mother or on expectant mother and you want to gain knowledge about the health concerns you can encounter during your gestation period, you have the reason to read this article to the end since it provides the ultimate solution to these questions. These complications include;

1. Preeclampsia

This is a fatal condition that impacts some pregnant women. Expectant mothers who develop preeclampsia develop symptoms for instance; high blood pressure, swelling of hands and face, stomach pain, dizziness, headaches too much protein in urine and blurred vision. In the early stages of the condition, both the mother and the baby do well with adequate care. However, as the condition progresses, it becomes much severe and affects a lot of organs. Besides, it can cause serious and life-threatening problems. The main solution for this problem is delivery.


2. Gestational diabetes

Approximately 10% of expectant mothers in various regions experience this condition. This condition results from too high levels of blood sugar during pregnancy. It has the following symptoms; becoming thirsty, fatigue and extreme hunger. When screened, the test indicates elevated levels blood sugar levels present. To prevent this condition, the expectant mother should obtain a healthy meal plan from a doctor’s prescription. Besides, the pregnant mother can require insulin to control sugar levels.


3. Miscarriage

This is a condition which is very apparent in the recent times affects pregnant women. It refers to the loss of pregnancy that results from natural causes before approximately 20 weeks of pregnancy. Signs and symptoms of the above complication are for instance; vaginal bleeding and spotting, cramping hand in hand with abdominal pain, fluid release from the vagina. If such symptoms are evident, you should not pause to call your doctors to order for an ultrasound and a blood test to observe what is ailing the uterus. Typically, miscarriage cannot be ruled out, and if it happens, the mother should undergo further treatment to remove the tissues of pregnancy from the uterus.


4. Premature labour and birth

This refers to experiencing labour before 37 weeks of gestation. This leads to pre term delivery before the completion of the gestation period. Signs and symptoms evident when having this complication are; pelvic pressure and cramping, enhanced virginal discharge, back pains and contractions. The solution to this condition is taking medicines that aid in discontinuing labour from progressing besides having a bed rest which is highly recommended.


5. Ectopic pregnancy

This condition results when the fertilised ovum implants outside the uterus mainly in the fallopian tube. The expectant mother experiences symptoms for instance; vaginal bleeding, feeling faint, abdominal and shoulder pains. The solution for this condition is drugs or surgery which is used to remove the ectopic tissues. This is advisable taking into consideration that the ovum cannot develop in the fallopian tube. Besides, it is helpful since it prevents damage of the of some organ for instance bursting of the fallopian tube. The foetus can also be transferred to the uterus through surgery where it will continue with the development process.

6. Depression

This refers to intense madness during pregnancy. It comprises of symptoms such as; appetite changes, extreme madness and irritation besides possible thoughts of harming the baby or oneself. The solution for this is a combination of treatment options that include; undergoing therapy, taking medicines and being counselled by expectant mothers support groups. This treatment reduces the chances of the mother affecting the foetus development.

7. Hyperemesis gravidarum

This refers to severe vomiting and persistent nausea during the gestation period. This complication includes symptoms such as persistent nausea, weight loss, and loss of appetite, vomiting and dehydration. The solution for this complication is that the expectant mothers should be hospitalised to be fed with fluids and nutrients by passing a tube through their veins. Besides, they should be given medicines that help to do away with nausea

I would advise expectant mothers not to hesitate to call their medical practitioners in the case of any symptom of the major pregnancy complications discussed in this article.


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