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Getting enough pregnancy sleep is extremely important since it aids in the good development of the baby. Getting enough sleep during this time, however, can be quite problematic due to various reasons such as a bulging belly, and increased baby kicks. You are however not alone as most pregnant women also undergo this hectic time. The good news is that pregnancy sleep is not a mirage and can be achieved with just a few adjustments.

Follow the following tips to get adequate pregnancy sleep that your mind and body needs during this time.

pregnancy sleep

  1. Cut on Bedtime Fluids Intake.

Most pregnant women usually find that they can get adequate sleep due to the need to pee frequently. It is indeed not surprising for some pregnant moms to feel the urge every 20 minutes. This can be attributed to high progesterone levels, an enlarging uterus that exerts pressure on your bladder and of course fluid intake during bedtime.

While it is important to tank up with the recommended eight glasses of water per day this should only be done during the day. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and stop any further intake after 6 pm. Caffeinated drinks, on the other hand, should strictly be taken in the morning otherwise they will keep you up all through the night.

  1. Skip Late Night Supper.

Pregnant moms get hungry more often. This will increase the urge of a mom to take food at any time they get hungry forgetting that, one is required to take supper about two hours before getting to sleep. Feeding some minutes before bedtime increases the likelihood of a heartburn or reflux which will, in turn, lead to discomfort and keep you awake.

It is important to take food and drinks two hours before bedtime. In case of a heartburn, some antacids like Rolaids, tums, or H2 blocker which are over the counter drugs can be used. To avoid reflux your head should be raised higher than the body to ensure that the acid is in its place.

  1. Clear your Mind Before Getting to Bed.

Being comfortable can help a pregnant mother to have a clear head. But at times its difficult due to the enlargement of the belly that makes one uncomfortable. Anxiety and stress can also be culprits that can make a mom uncomfortable and prevent her from a good night sleep. Every mum is advised to talk about the things making her worry rather than getting stressed up.

Most importantly, a notebook should be kept on the night table on which stressful issues can be jotted down. This practice can actually work to relieve stress and combat bedtime insomnia.

  1. Daily New Bedtime Routine.  pregnancy sleep

During the day, a pregnant woman can be involved in tiresome tasks. The body feels exhausted and its likely that this may lead to insomnia. One should try to soothe and comfort the body as a daily routine. This will enable comfortable sleep and relaxation.

Some of soothing rituals include: Taking a cup of warm milk together with honey, reading a book that you really like, taking a shower with some warm water, shoulder massage, and having a small portion of a snack, By trying all these tips, you can be sure that your body muscles will be adequately soothed.

  1. Turning off the Lights in your Room.

Artificial light can at times create discomfort in pregnant women due to the production of blue light. Blue light is known to inhibit the production of melatonin which is an essential hormone that signals the brain and body that it is time to get tired and go to sleep.

One is advised to keep the room dark and quiet. Just in case you have got electronic gadgets that may emit blue light ensure that they are not facing you. You ought to cover them with a piece of cloth to ensure that the light does not tamper with your sleep. In the morning in rooms where brightness can be too much, one should keep the curtains closed or investing on the blackout type of curtains.


While the above sleep secrets are not in any way exhaustive they are definitely some of the best you can try to get adequate pregnancy sleep. By following them religiously you will set yourself to experiencing the best sleep pattern you have ever had for a long time.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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