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Fabulous Winter Day Activities For Families

For most families, winter is the season for hibernating and waiting for the beach weather to return. However, if you have kids like I do, there will come a time when they become restless and start chasing after each other in circles around the house. This is where winter themed activities and games come in. From snowball fights to sledding, there are so many fun activities that can actually make the whole family appreciate this season. To help you out, I have compiled a list of some fabulous winter day activities for families that will keep your rather dull winter holiday bright.

winter day


Sledding is one of those winter activities that has for a long time been fun for kids of all ages. In fact, if I were to look back and try to remember those times in my childhood when I had fun in the snow, I can say that a sled or toboggan was involved. You too can organize a family sledding day on one of those sunny winter days with a variety of sleds, toboggans, snow saucers, and snow tubes. Just ensure that each of your family members has warm boots, gloves, and a hat to keep them warm and dry.


If you have a small group in your home, then you can play marshmallow snowball fight when you can’t get out. To play the game, I use large marshmallows and let my children stand across from each other and begin throwing them. I then put the marshmallows into containers and the winning side is the one that will make all the marshmallows disappear. After they have all hit the floor, I can still use them to throw some more. However, when playing this game ensure that children don’t eat them after they have hit the ground.


One of the daunting tasks during winter season is shoveling my driveway to clear the way for my SUV. However, i always turn this extra work into something fun for the whole family. One of the easiest ways to have fun clearing your driveway of snow is going outside to build a snowman. You can spice things a little bit by having a snowman competition whereby you compete to see who can build the silliest or tallest snowman.

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Another indoor activity that i find fun during the winter is having an indoor scavenger hunt. A winter scavenger hunt can consist of animal tracks in the snow, a tunnel made in the snow by animals, identifying various pine trees, or a frozen waterfall. In this activity, you hide clues all around your home for a hunt and leave a treasure chest with a few treats at the end. This activity lets your children work as a team and keeps them busy as they solve riddles.


Whether I choose to cuddle in front of the TV with some popcorn or head to the theater, I can say that winter is a good season for catching a good flick especially with your family. You can break out those movies that you may have received as gifts or go for those great child friendly shows that are still in the theater.


I have never needed any special equipment in order to go for winter hikes or walks. As long as you won’t be going hiking in extreme conditions, you will only need some warm clothing and footwear. Everyone in your family should have a pair of gloves or mitts and hat that fits well. It is advisable to dress in layers since you will certainly run into a variety of conditions including getting warm at some points during the hike. Just ensure that you stick to well-marked trails that you are familiar with so that you don’t risk your children getting lost in the cold.

Keep Warm!

The winter season always seems slow and monotonous especially when I have run out of activities and I am just left to embrace the cold. However, instead of hiding under the covers and dreaming of spring, I always choose to take advantage of it by incorporating these awesome winter activities. Whether you enjoy the season or it is your least favorite, these winter day activities will definitely give the cold days a jolt of energy.

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