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Crying!  Sometimes it can feel like nails on a chalkboard… especially to an exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, first time mother.

Before we get into anymore PLEASE make sure if you need a break to put your crying baby in a safe place and take 5 minutes to breath.  Your baby will be fine.

As a new mom the sounds, squeaks and crying you experience in the first weeks and months are so exhilarating.  Both you and the baby are learning how to communicate with each other.  Your baby is learning to express needs and you are learning what each sound and cry means.  BUT sometimes those squeaks and pips turn into full blown crying and screaming.   The reality is that this is the only way your baby can communicate with you.  Her crying does not mean you are a bad mom.  It does not mean you are doing anything wrong.

But there will be times you just need a few extra tips on how to soothe him after the crying starts.  Especially on those days where you are extra tired and need a little more support and THAT’S OKAY!!!



Skin To Skin Contact

Babies need and crave that close touch and connection with their caregiver.  Try skin to skin contact to soothe and calm your babe.  Consider giving a light message while you are doing some skin to skin.  This can help release any tension in the babies muscles from being upset.  Not only can this calm the baby but it will allow you some calming moments as well.  The closeness with your babe can bring peace to you both.

Rhythmic Motions

The back and forth motion of swaying can bring peace and calm to your upset newborn.  A light sway from side to side can often times soothe any fussiness your baby is experiencing.  The rhythmic and repetitive motion offers her sensory system a regulation and many times you will see and hear a huge shift in her crying.

Try Feeding (Again)

This may seem like the first thing to try but often times our judgement, as new mothers, is clouded.  And on top of that sometimes despite having just been fed babies want more.  Cluster feeding is real and babies can only cry to signal their need for more food.  It is exhausting but think of the time you spend feeding you baby as down time for you as well… rest and really embrace it.

crying Consider Pacifiers

For chronically fussy babies this could be a great resources to keep your crying baby calm.  If you have tried feeding again, changing diapers and every other tip consider providing a pacifier for your little one.  Some babies just need more sensory in their mouth and the constant sucking soothing and pleasing to them.  There are so many different pacifiers on the market and many that are okay and approved by dentists.  I understand that pacifiers are a person choice so make sure it fits in with your beliefs.

Offering Vibrations

This sounds weird.  Ha.  But in desperate times of crying we reach for desperate solutions.  Consider putting you baby in their car seat and putting it on top of the dryer or washing machine.  The subtle vibrations will mimic calming stimulation.  Make sure to not leave the baby alone.  Another great way to get some vibrations to soothe you crying baby is to go for a drive.  Try to get on an open road where there is little stopping and just cruise.  Grab a coffee or water and hit the road!  Seriously, this can help the crying subside.

I get it mama the crying is too much sometimes.  Believe me!  My son was a crier and extremely challenging to soothe but we found some of these methods to work.  Not every single time and not in every situation but keeping them in the rotation of techniques really helped.

If you need a break and nothing is working PLEASE place your baby in a safe place and take a few minutes for yourself.  Crying will not hurt you baby so please make sure you are in a mind-set to soothe.  Put on some headphones and sit in the closet if you need to.  But keep your mind and body safe before trying to soothe your crying babe.

As always if you have great advice make sure to share with us so we can help support each other!

Until Next Time,
Amanda Maxwell

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