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Saturday nights are meant for movies. There is no better way of enjoying the weekend other than snuggling with my munchkins in bed or couch as we flick through our movie catalog. This is one of the best ways of having quality family time as we watch our favorite movies and enjoy some popcorn. But being a big family with a wide age range, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one we should watch. But mommy usually knows what is good for the whole family. If you want to enjoy a fun, relaxed Saturday night indoors, below are some of the best family movies that I have watched together with my partner and kids.

family movies
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1. Goonies

Goonies is good for both adults and kids. It’s the perfect Saturday movie especially if your kids’ friends are around for a sleepover. All of you are going to enjoy this fantasy-action film that features kids who are seeking adventure. There are close calls which are simply death-defying, treasure maps, thrilling moments among others. What I loved about Goonies is the phrase “Never Say Die”. 

Note: Goonies can be somehow scary especially if the kids are below 10 years. The movie also features some mild level swearing language.

2. Moana

My whole family loves Disney movies. A Saturday night is not complete if there isn’t a Disney movie to watch with the kids. Moana is a classical musical adventure that’s thrilling. It’s one of the best family movies that features a heroine who is a badass in all ways. There is no prince charming for her as she explores and navigates through the Polynesian seas with the assistance of Maui. Moana outlines the importance of girl power and it has a killer soundtrack too. Any movie with Dwayne Johnson is definitely fun and Moana will not disappoint you.

3. Finding Nemo

This is also one of the best Saturday night family movies that features huge creatures which have massive numbers of sharp teeth. Even though Finding Nemo’s plot doesn’t include the bad guys, this movie still features various scary moments including the death of one major character. There are many scenes which create tension in addition to characters who are in peril. If you are snuggling with your young ones and partner, expect some humorous moments. Overall, Finding Nemo emphasizes on determination, teamwork, and loyalty. Your kids will also be able to learn about a father’s unending love for his child.

4. The Land Before Time

This movie lasts around one hour. It’s perfect for weekends when you want to bond with your family but not long enough to get bored or fatigued. The Land Before Time outlines the cooperation and friendship between baby dinosaurs. This movie is fun and captures the attention of all types of audiences regardless of age. Its storyline is considered “suspenseful”. It has lovable characters in addition to beautiful songs. The Land Before Time features a little adventure of a young dinosaur who is orphaned and he has to find a way to reach the Great Valley if he wants to survive the plague.

family movies

Note: you might end up getting very emotional like me so have your handkerchief nearby.

5. Akeelah and the Bee

This is a slightly long movie that lasts for around 2 hours. Raising kids isn’t easy especially when they are young adults. Although as parents we might try to teach them how to cope with peer pressure, this alone isn’t enough. Movies come with lots of lessons as in the case of Akeelah and the Bee. It emphasizes the need to avoid peer pressure as well as the importance of perseverance and true friendship. I can’t remember if Laurence Fishburne has ever made a bad movie and the lovely Keke Palmer is also in this one. Your family will definitely enjoy

6. Spirited Away

I ended up falling in love with Spirited Away more than my kids. Well, this is a captivating and entertaining animation that makes it to the list of the top family movies which you can watch on a Saturday night. The 2-hour movie features some surrealism and episodes of complexities which simply stick in an adult’s mind. Because of this, you might notice that your kids will get bored quickly but older kids can really enjoy it. This is because Spirited Away triggers the imagination, creates vivid imagery, rich in mythology and features fantasy.

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