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The growth and development of your baby always relies on proper care and especially on the nutrition they are getting from the food they eat every day. If your baby is still in his or her infancy stage or above infancy stage, you have to make sure that his or her food is being delivered the best that it should be. In this matter, feeding your baby with the use of the best feeding material such as suction cups and silicone bibs with food catchers, you will be able to feel at ease that you are using only the best for your baby.

Using  suction cup bowls and silicone bibs while you are feeding your baby will ensure that NOTHING is spilled at all. No body likes to be cleaning food off the table, the floor, even the roof!  suction cup bowls are designed to stay stuck strongly on tables so your babies hulk-like strength won’t be able to toss the bowl over as soon as you turn away. The silicone bibs with built in food catchers will ensure that any food that happens to miss the mouth (let’s be honest, more goes out then gets in) stays off those freshly washed/slobbered on clothes.

Take a moment and add up all of the minutes, heck even the seconds you spend cleaning up split oatmeal, or mashed up fruits and veggies. Now imagine adding up all that time and being able to use it for say? a nap? a cup of tea? or even a moment to yourself to just sit down and relax.. These bowls can offer you those luxuries. So what are you waiting for!

Overall the combination of these Suction cup bowls and silicone bibs well save you tons of time, and tons of headaches when it comes to feeding your child. There really is nothing more valuable to a busy mother than time. and that is exactly what you get with these wonderful products!





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