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8 ‘First Night Out’ Ideas Following The Birth Of Your Baby

It is only natural that following the birth of your baby you will want a night out with your significant other. After all, a night out is a night off from the stresses of parenting. Unfortunately too many couples feel guilty to even think about leaving their baby in the care of a loved one or friend for the sake of a night out, and more’s the pity. We are all human, and new parents more than most need a much needed break from time to time.

And the problem doesn’t just stop there. Once you’ve decided to have that first initial night out the question remains: what are you going to do? It’s not like you can both go to clubs, pubs and bars for that would be irresponsible particularly as your little one will be due a feed when you get home! Fear not however, because there are in fact plenty of exciting and parent-friendly things for couples to do on a first night out following the birth of a baby.


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  1. Romantic Dinner For Two

Sometimes it’s all too easy to lose sight of your partner amidst the nappies, bibs and baby grows. A candlelit dinner for two is a perfect remedy to rekindle that romantic spark, offering a relaxing space in which to enjoy delicious food and the company of your partner without your baby to distract and spoil the moment.     Movies

  1. House Party

Forget baby showers, what about organizing a house party at a friend’s or relative’s house? A house party allows you to enjoy the company of friends and family in a comfortable space without the need for alcohol or deafening dance music. Perhaps if the weather permits you could make the party a summery BBQ? In other words a house part is a true ‘get together’ with people who you’ve probably seen less and less of in the latter stages of pregnancy and even more so since your little one was born.

  1. Bowling

A night out at the bowling alley might sound odd but it is actually a really good way of enjoying yourself with your friends and your partner in a fun environment. Most bowling alleys even offer arcade and table-top games to keep the fun flowing. Why not lose yourselves in the competitiveness of these games or try to out-strike each other in bowling before enjoying some well deserved fast-food? Burger and fries anyone?

  1. Movies

Sometimes you might want to have a night out with your partner or with your partner and friends. The movies can help you with that. There is nothing quite like settling in to watch the latest blockbuster in front of the movies screen. With your 3d glasses at the ready and a big bucket of popcorn primed to be munched through, the movies offers an enjoyable parent-friendly night out.

  1. Boxset Marathon  night out

If you want the movies experience but in a more comfortable setting, why not organize a box set marathon at a friend or relative’s house? This way you can enjoy all the frills of the movies but with your closest friends and family in prime seats and at a fraction of the price!

  1. Theater

If the movies doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not look into going to the theater? Theater performances can be incredibly entertaining affairs, with many theatres offering touring West End productions such as ‘Thriller Live!’ and ‘Cats’. Also, dependent upon the time of year, you might want to check out the latest pantomime to get you both into that festive cheer.

  1. Take Up A Hobby

Why not make your first night out together a habit and make it a hobby! A hobby can be anything from playing tennis and taking up art classes to scenic walking and dance. A shared hobby can help reduce stress in you both and most importantly offer you something to look forward to when your little angel is throwing up over your nice new top!

  1. City Break

If you can secure a babysitter that will let you have the whole night off from parenting duties, why not make the most of it and go on a city break with your partner? City breaks can feel like a holiday in themselves, particularly if you make the most of them. For example you could book yourself into a luxury hotel and on the first day take advantage of the hotel spa before heading to dinner for a romantic meal. Then enjoy a relaxing night sleep before heading into the city the following day to enjoy some of the sights before returning home to your baby refreshed, happy and relaxed.

Whether you’re new to parenting or a battle-hardened veteran, all parents and all couples need to have a night out to recharge their batteries and to process the stresses, anxieties and challenges that newly born babies present on a daily basis. This is even more pressing if you have yet to have that initial first night out following the birth of your baby. To those who are in that situation, why not organize a babysitter right away and use the eight ideas that you’ve just read to plan that important first night out. You will both not regret it!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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