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Stocking the Medicine Cabinet for Your Baby

I know what it feels like to be a first-time mom; the confusion, the anxiety, and the weariness. You want to keep your baby safe and protected from injuries and illnesses.   But stocking up your little one’s medicine cabinet can be overwhelming. A well-stocked medicine cabinet helped me handle most of my fussy baby moments, fevers and emergencies.

Here are some of the items in my baby’s medicine cabinet:

medicine cabinet


Congestion is common in babies below one year. Their noses tend to be clogged especially during the night. To help them with their breathing, keep nasal or saline drops in your medicine cabinet. Ideally, you can create your saline solution by mixing water with salt.


A bulb suction syringe comes in handy when the baby has a clogged nose. First, I use saline drops to loosen up the mucus then suck it up with the suction syringe.


Vaseline is every new mom’s friend. Applying it to the baby’s skin keeps it smooth, supple, and prevents drying. Vaseline is ideal for applying on the diaper area to prevent diaper rash.


Children start crawling at around six months. They are prone to injuries as they explore the world about them. In addition to baby proofing your home, keep a fully stocked first aid kit in your medicine cabinet to handle any accidents.


Colic is a frightening, frustrating and annoying moment for any first-time mother. Seeing your inconsolable child crying for hours can be overwhelming for any caregiver. Homeopathic treatments offer a solution to colic. If you have a colicky baby, you may consider having some of these items in your medicine cabinet


Chamomile is an effective treatment for an inconsolable colicky baby. When your baby is angry, inconsolable and restless, Chamomile acts as an effective remedy


Lycopodium is ideal for babies who develop colic due to trapped gas. The baby often appears anxious and worried.


Temperatures and fever could be a sign of infection or nothing at all. Your baby’s temperature naturally goes up in the body’s attempt to fight off infection. However, when your baby’s temperature rises too high, you will definitely be worried. Luckily, there are homeopathic treatments you can offer to bring relief to you and your child.


To deal with the constant fevers in your baby, keep Belladonna stocked in your medicine cabinet. Belladonna is a derivative of nightshade.


Almost all babies will experience diaper rash during their first year. Diaper rash occurs due to allergies, irritation from certain products, yeast infections, poorly washed diapers, staying in a soiled or wet diaper for long, and wearing tight diapers.  Proper care and regularly changing the baby’s diapers will help prevent diaper rash. However, in the event it does happen, there are several home remedies


If you do not already have coconut oil in your medicine cabinet, then get it quick. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that keeps your baby’s skin from drying out. In addition, it provides protection to the skin owing to its microbial and antifungal properties. To treat diaper rash, apply after each diaper change.

medicine cabinetOATMEAL

Oatmeal is not just a great source of nutrients for breakfast; it provides protection from diaper rash. With its high quantities of protein, oatmeal forms a protective layer on the baby’s skin, preventing and healing diaper rash. Add dry oatmeal in bathwater and soak the baby’s bottom in the solution.    Medicine for cold or stuffy nose.  A child experiences about eight colds during their first year. These colds may lead to a stuffy nose and a fussy baby.


Eucalyptus and olive oil make a perfect herbal rub for relieving your baby from coughs. Once rubbed upon the baby’s chest, the eucalyptus releases it soothing and relieving effects, which helps in decongestant the chest.   Pulsatilla, byronia, and phosphorus are other homeopathic remedies especially useful in treating persistent coughs.

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Amanda Maxwell

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