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6 Things to Expect in a Delivery Room

You have been carrying that bundle for nine months now and can’t wait for when you will be able to hold it in your arms. As an expectant dad, you are eager to see the adorable face of your son or daughter. Especially for first time moms, the issue of what to expect in the delivery room is a mystery. This article will provide you with insights on 6 things that you can expect in the delivery room when that time comes.

delivery room

You will come out holding your baby

This is the most obvious thing you can expect when you go to the delivery room. This is also almost the best moment to look forward to. Once you go into labor and are wheeled in the delivery room, you should be happy amidst the pain and cramps that something good will come out of it. And that should be reason enough for you to gather all the patience and courage that will be needed in the delivery room.

Your delivery room experience might be unique.

What most of the expectant mothers and dads do when looking forward to the delivery date is to research it. Most will visit sites on Google, read parenting magazines, listen to related talks, attend moms’ conferences and groups and so on. Basically, if you are expectant, you will go to the delivery room with a lot of information that you have read or heard somewhere. But always remember that every birth and labor is different and unique.

So, when you get to the delivery room and things don’t flow as they were recited in a particular article, do not panic! Your experience can be very different from the rest.

There will be doctors, nurses, and medical tools.

Since you will need medical help to get your child out the sound and safely, then obviously there will be medical staff. Maybe a midwife or doctor and a few nurses to help in your delivery. The number will mostly depend on your case, but they are not very many, so don’t be scared. Also, the nurses will need some medical tools to make the process easier. Not all will be used, but just in case.

There might be Episiotomy.

Episiotomy is the process of putting an incision in your birth canal to aid the process of birth. This is not always done every other time. But if your baby’s head is having problems coming out and the doctor predicts a spontaneous tearing of the perineum, then an episiotomy can be done to save the agony.

delivery room A C-section can be called for.

If you are having a difficult birth due to a complicated baby’s position or other medical conditions, you may have to go the C-section way. If the doctors think it’s the best option, then trust them. Your baby will be safe.

Dad may be called to cut the umbilical cord.

If you are a dad in the delivery room, you may be requested to be part of the moment by cutting your baby’s umbilical cord. Go for it dad! It’s the best moment you will have.


The delivery room does not need to be an anxious place.  Keep these few tips in mind as you embark on this journey.  Good Luck!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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