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You know what, I love Christmas carols, I have been singing all morning. The melodies bring love and compassion to the world. They spice up my family’s Christmas holiday. We enjoy singing, listening and dancing to the beautiful tunes Christmas songs.  Kids love Christmas, and the amazing Carol tunes will make them happy. Most Christmas tunes are composed using simple lyrics, and your child can literally sing together.   Raise your family’s Christmas spirit with the following top ten Christmas carols that I have personally listened to, and you will enjoy. 

Christmas carols

Jingle Bells 

This Christmas melody was originally composed as a Thanksgiving song, but along the way, it turned to be a popular Christmas carol. The song has catchy tunes with an easy to sing the chorus. It’s a wonderful song to teach and sing to your little kid.  Jingle bell was composed by James Pierpont who was a pastor. The song is popular, and you can sing it during a Christmas party. 

Silent Night 

I enjoy singing this Christmas carol. It begins with soothing lines.  “Silent night, holy night; all is calm, all is bright.”  It’s one of my favorites, it brings out the spiritual Christmas theme and reminds everyone about the night Jesus Christ was born. The song is a bit sedative, it soothes and warms your heart, and you literally enjoy each line. “Silent night” Christmas song can act as a lullaby.So use it to sooth your kid to sleep this Christmas. 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 

The song is popular raises the Christmas spirit. I think it’s good because it brings out love and togetherness. For example, when you meet a neighbor, friend or just a random person you wish them a Merry Christmas. Besides, it’s a simple song and everyone can sing. 

 Away In A Manger 

“Away in a manger; No crib for His bed; The little Lord Jesus; laid down His sweet head.”  Your child can sing this Christmas song better than you can. It’s not a lie, the song is commonly taught in Sunday school, and I think kids know it better. The song was written by a long time ago by James Murray. 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

This is an excellent Christmas carol, it prepares your kids for Christmas and teaches them to behave well during the holiday. Children learn to be good and to obey their parents. The song promises obedient and well-behaved kids that Santa will bring them gifts. 

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 

The Christmas melody is a perfect Christmas holiday. It’s simple and everyone can sing and follow its beautiful classic tunes.   Steve Rollins and Steve Nelson composed the song in 1949. The song evokes a vivid act, where Reindeer, Rudolph lead Santa using a glowing red nose during a foggy dark night. 

Christmas carol

Frosty The Snowman 

This Christmas carol is another piece by Steve Rollins and Steve Nelson. The song is highly celebrated and has received several accolades.   The song narrates a beautiful scene where snowman built by kids comes to life and plays with them.But their joy and excitement end the moment the sun appears and melts the snowball. 

Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmother’s House, We Go

Do you wish to make Christmas memorable? Try this beautiful Christmas carol. It’s perfect for a family get together party during Christmas holiday. Its theme revolves around family travelling over distances join other family members and celebrate Christmas together. 

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas 

This song was composed by Jonny marks a radio producer in New York. The song is beautiful and attractive to young family members who have energy to bounce around singing and dancing to the Christmas joy and excitements. 

The 12 Days Of Christmas 

It’s an attractive Christmas music, perfect for children. It features 12 gifts given out 12 days before Christmas. If you want to jog your kid’s memory, then this a perfect song that will make your child happy during the Christmas holiday.  

Christmas holiday melodies have everything that can spice up your Christmas holiday. The fun part of the songs range from the exciting melody, lyrics and the fact that they are easy to sing. How ready are you for this Christmas holiday? Well, make your kids Christmas holiday memorable with the above Christmas coral songs.

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