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Babies cry for various reasons and sometimes it’s not very hard to calm them down. But for first-time moms, this may be challenging and overwhelming. Babies don’t talk and the only and best way that they use to communicate is by crying or acting all fussy. From experience, I have learned that sometimes all they need is a reassuring sound, a diaper changer, a snuggle, a little feeding, rocking, or just a burp. If your baby is upset, below are some of the best techniques which you can use to soothe them.

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1. Massaging

This is a relaxing and rejuvenating ritual. Massages are great especially if your little one is crying. It calms them down and helps to ease the joints. While giving out a massage, I tend to use baby oil or lotion in order to provide a soothing and long-lasting effect. Your touch should be gentle yet very firm. The best way to massage a baby is by:

  • Stroking them centrally from the chest while moving downwards and outwards. 
  • Making small circles around the bellybutton
  • Unfurling the fists and fingers
  • Uncurling the toes and massaging the soles of their feet

If you notice that your baby calms down when you apply pressure on their tummy, they probably have colic. Give them the “colic carry” by laying them on their tummy on your forearm. Make sure that their head is placed on your hand and then give them a slow back rub.

2. Wrap Them Up

The womb is a warm and comfy place and most babies sometimes find it difficult to adapt to the new external environment. Wrapping helps to make them feel cozy and secure. I love swaddling my little one because it helps to provide a womb-like environment and feeling. Swaddled babies usually end up settling down easily and they sleep for longer. Snuggle them up by trying the kangaroo care. Note that this technique is even more effective if your baby was born prematurely. The skin to skin contact not only makes them warm but it also helps to improve the parent-baby connection.

3. Rock the Baby

Using a glider or a rocking chair is one of the most important life rituals in motherhood. And with modern technology, there are hands-free options. If your baby is fussy or just upset, simply put them a motorized baby swing. Additionally, you can place them in an automatic type of cradle or a bouncy seat which vibrates. The gentle vibrations and slow motions help to calm down their nerves and make them feel comfy. I love the motorized swing because it comes with various speed settings which allows me to find the right swinging pace depending on the baby’s mood. Give them swings using rhythmic movements. This helps to remind them of the carefree days when they were in the womb. 


Note that if you get tired of using a rocking chair, you can simply place them in your hands and swivel them back and forth slowly yet steadily. This helps them to feel in contact with you and they’ll end feeling relaxed.

4. Get Outside

Sometimes, all the baby needs an environmental change in order to calm. There are certain times when my baby is unnecessarily fussy and nothing I do to calm them down works. However, sometimes the motion that comes with the change in the environment seems to work. I mean the temperature, air, and light change in addition to the new smells and sights usually help to improve their mood. You can take a stroll in the neighborhood and if there is a park nearby, take them there. Well, you can also strap them in their car seat and take them for a drive.

5. Turn on a Relaxing Sound. 

When babies are in the womb, they tend to hear sounds such the heartbeat, how the blood rushes, or the gurgling sound of the stomach. So, for some babies, silence isn’t just golden. You can turn on a calming sound which may help to reminds them of the womb, for instance, a humming fan, a vacuum, or white noise such as the recordings of rainfall, waterfall, or ocean waves.

Babies cry a lot and this is inevitable. The best way to deal with it is to make sure that you learn various techniques that can help them to feel relaxed. 

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