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2019 is here with us! The New Year provides a new chance to make new and meaningful changes in life. It’s a season of improvement hence it’s essential to have a family bucket list. It’s important to create memories that will strengthen family bonds and improve your identity. 

A bucket list is basically a list of things that you want to do within a certain time frame. It’s a fantastic concept which all families should try. But creating a bucket list if you have kids can be one complex task. However, the thrill of adventure and lifestyle changes will provide you and your young ones with an amazing experience and new knowledge. Are you tired of spending the holidays in the countryside? Or bored with having long weekends? Well, you and your kids need to try something new.    

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Ways To Get The Whole Family Involved In Creating A Bucket List   

A family bucket list usually provides a strong emotional connection between members. It’s therefore important to get the whole family involved in its creation. Below are some of the best way which you can use to ensure that you create the ultimate bucket list. 

Everyone Should Have a Dream List 

This is the perfect way to ensure that the dreams or goals of every family member will end up in the bucket list. Get them to write down things that they want to conquer. After that, sit down as a family and pick at least one component from the list of every family member. 

Consider The Opinion/Needs Of Every Family Member  

Note that children and parents have different dreams. The goal is to ensure that you consider every need of family member as well as their opinions. The main purpose of the bucket list is to create amazing experiences that will provide life-long memories. 


In order to complete meaningful life goals, you have to ensure that you and your family can sustain them financially. If you want to see all the components of your dream list come to life, it’s important to create a budget list that matches your financial budget. 

But once you have created your family’s bucket list, how do you ensure that you track these ideas? There are a couple of ways which you can use to manage this. First, you can create a simple pin board where you will stick all your ideas. This board should be placed in a visible place where all family members will constantly see it. Besides that, you can use mobile applications. These ones are great because you can set notification reminders.  

Bucket List Ideas for Families 

Navigating through motherhood isn’t easy. You have a whole family to take care of, a career to manage, ambitions as well as a dream list.So, what are some of the best bucket list ideas that families should consider? 

Travel and Adventure 

Make your 2019 fantastic by creating a travel and adventure list. It can be a staycation within your city/town, a road trip, or an exotic vacation. The adventures will provide you and your baby or children a perfect opportunity to bond in different settings while exploring new places. 

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Games and Socializing 

With the current technology, parents, as well as children,spend a lot of time on their smart devices. It’s important for families to build social connections. Interacting with new people helps to foster a sense of community. Limit the amount of time that everyone spends on screen. Get out and play with your children and also invite their friends over. This way, you improve the bond that you have with your kids and help them to improve their cognitive abilities.  

Health and Wellness  

The New Year is the best time for you and your family to make better lifestyle choices. One of the best bucket list ideas for 2019 is to make healthier foods. Make it a goal to avoid purchasing over-processed foods with high calories. You and your kids can get in the kitchen and make wholesome meals with high nutrition. You can also exercise together in weekly training sessions. Go swimming, jogging, or walking as a family. If you have a toddler,don’t worry. You can still include them in your workout routine. Note that training your infant to swim is a great lifesaving skill. So, get them on board as well.

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