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Information about parenting is massive, from magazines to medical books. However, the time to read and process all these is very little especially if you are a new mother. As a result, podcasts have become the best go-to option. Currently, there is a wide range of podcasts and new ones are being released every day. Whether you are commuting, nursing the baby late at night, or just relaxing, these audio files offer moms the much-needed convenience and information about parenting. If you are a new mother who’s navigating the tough baby phase, outlined below are some of the best podcasts for parents.


1. Spawned

This podcast is hosted by Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase. Both women are the founders of the Cool Mom Picks and they have six kids between them. Liz and Kristen’s podcast is aimed at tackling current issues which most parents face and they also host expert guests occasionally. Besides that, the moms sometimes entertain listeners with chatters about parenthood during the elementary school years, social media, and the pop culture. Spawned is a friendly and fast-moving podcast that isn’t judgmental.

2. Mom and Dad Are Fighting

It’s a parenting podcast whose hosts are Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt. The show which is hosted at Slate focuses on contemporary issues that relate to parenting as well as current events. Allison and Dan usually host witty, charming and entertain interviews. The two editors act like �Mom and Dad’ although they’re not a couple. They have five kids between them and they often share with listeners their parenting styles and experiences. Mom and Dad Are Fighting has the �Triumphs & Fails’ segment that happens bi-weekly. Note that this podcast offers surprising new ideas to new parents. It’s full of banter as well as sharp and detailed commentary.

3. The Boob Group

For new mothers, nursing a baby is one of the most tasking things. The Boob Group is a podcast that’s based entirely on breastfeeding. It is hosted by a lactation consultant with board certification. Some of the topics that are covered include nursing tips and tricks, struggles, and also success. Note that the internet doesn’t contain adequate information about nursing or milk pumping. The Boob Group provides all the vital information which new mothers need. Information is delivered using a support-oriented approach in addition to expert advice. There are also interactive sessions where people can ask questions to experts.

4. The Longest Shortest Time 

This podcast has been running for the longest time. It’s popular with listeners and contains well-detailed parenting information. The Longest Shortest Time is an award-winning podcast that’s hosted by Andrea Silenzi and Hilary Frank. They focus on highlighting some of the weirdest things which a new parent may experience. The podcast’s radical transparency helps to remind parents that they are not alone in the parenting journey.


5. One Bad Mother

This is a relaxing podcast that’s hosted by Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis. One Bad Mother outlines in details what parenting is all about. Its topics are very relevant to modern parenting although it has a laid-back type of vibe. Overall, One Bad Mother simply changes the craziness that comes with parenting and then turns it into something funny. The hosts sometimes invite guests to share parenting insights and discuss certain issues. Note that One Bad Mother is strictly for adults so don’t listen to it with your kids around.

6. Little Sprigs 

It offers the best insights which parents can use to connect with kids especially preschoolers. Besides that, it provides parents with vital information about parenting your older children as well. Little springs is hosted by Christina Perez who occasionally interviews experts about parenting with minimum power struggles. No threats, bribes or punishments. It can be termed as the “new-age” podcast because parents can also listen to themes such as mindfulness and spirituality. 

7. The One in a Million Baby 

Uses an interview format with in-depth insights. The One in a Million Baby provides listeners with emotional stories of parents with disabled children. Tessa Prebble who is the host of this podcast started feeling depressed and alone after the birth and death of her child who had multiple disabilities. The podcast offers hope as well as support when it comes to raising children who are differently abled and how to deal with grief after the loss of a baby.

8. PediaCast

This one is hosted by a medical expert, Dr. Mike. PediaCast is a pediatric podcast with millions of downloads. It provides frustrated parents with amazing and unique resources. It’s perfect for both new and old parents. PediaCast offers information which ranges from food and nutrition to symptoms of certain diseases.

9. Totally Mommy

Vanessa Ragland and Elizabeth Laime are down to earth moms who are full of wit The chatty hosts of Totally Mommy share their honest experiences about parenting their little ones. Vanessa and Elisabeth also discuss parenting dilemmas, privacy and discussing body parts with the little ones. The podcast also has a support group on Facebook where mothers can share their experiences.

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