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5 Simple & Easy Steps for your Baby’s Bedtime Routine

Developing a bedtime routine for your baby is crucial is you want to ensure your baby enjoys a healthy growth, feels protected and gives you an easy time during the long nights. When a routine is established, your gorgeous little one will be aware of what’s coming next, so he will get easier to sleep, cry less and give you less headaches.

While making your baby sleep all through the night is something we can only find in an ideal world, it doesn’t mean that your baby cannot be taught how to do that. In fact, specialists agree that the sooner you establish a bedtime routine, the better it is mentally and physically for your baby. It usually takes between two weeks and two months to establish a bedtime routine, but it is totally worth the effort.

Babies who are as young as 6 weeks can already be taught to sleep at a regular interval of time. Your baby will soon get to appreciate the predictability and consistency of this even. A bedtime ritual is not just amazing for your baby, but it is could also prove to be quite beneficial for you too. You can save a whole lot of time when your baby sleeps, and you can plan ahead to having a romantic dinner or watch a movie with your husband.


5 Practical Steps For A Bedtime Routine

1. Start off with a Bath

Getting a bath has the unique potential to calm down your baby and make him sleepy. A bath might indicate the end of the daily activities. This important, relaxing event, when practiced daily, will indicate to your baby that fun is over and he needs to rest. Right after washing your baby, change him into his favorite night clothes. You can also change into your clothes in order to send a clear message – mommy is ready to get a good night’s sleep with her baby. Of course, after he gets asleep, you can change back into your regular clothes and enjoy an amazing evening with your husband.

2. Get the Room Ready

The next step of the process involves getting the room ready for the long night’s sleep. Get your baby into the room and place him into his crib. Dim the lights in order to create a relaxing atmosphere and eventually play a lullaby song. According to the experts, dimming the lights boost the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This helps your baby drift to sleep more easily.

bedtime3. Soothe your Baby

By now, you’ve probably found your unique way to calm down your precious gift from above. If he loves listening to your voice, let him become your own X Factor judge and start singing a soothing song. You can also play a lullaby on your mobile and gently massage his head. Be creative and find the best method to calm him down and prepare him for a long night’s sleep.

4. Pre-Bed Feed Time

One your baby is calm and ready to sleep, you should not ignore feeding him one more time. It is imperative to avoid getting him to fall asleep before this step. Feed him until he is full and his eyelids start closing, and you can rest assured that he won’t wake up in the middle of the night crying out for food.

5. Story Time

The last step in your baby bed time routine is story telling. After you have fed him, he is probably half sleeping. By telling him a story, you are not just helping him get to sleep faster, but you are also stimulating his self-esteem and his sense of security. Scientists agree that babies who listen to stories when they are young develop an improved sense of self-awareness and have more chances to succeed in life.


Having an elaborate routine when putting your baby to sleep is definitely not something worth trying. Instead, you can go for something less exhausting. Follow the 5 easy steps listed above and you will gain the assurance that your baby will sleep like a prince or princess the whole night. If you have another plan you are
using and you’ve found it to be effective in your case, do not hesitate to share it below in the comments section.

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