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Ultimate Babysitter Check List

Its Date Night!!!!  Before you leave make sure you babysitter is prepared and ready… this will significantly increase your happiness while away. Ensuring the babysitter has all the things they need will allow you to breath easier, feel more confident and put the worry at bay.  No matter if the sitter is a relative, neighborhood friend or from a service leaving them with a checklist of important information is important.

The fact is that no one expects an emergency (otherwise they wouldn’t be an emergency).  The best way to circumvent any unnecessary worry is to have a complete and solid plan.  Trusting your children with a babysitter, for some, can be a very difficult thing so I created an easy downloadable PDF that you can use when heading out and leaving your children with a babysitter.


First- Contact Numbers and Information

This is the most important part of the list, since it will prevent anything else from getting worse if things go astray. Make a list of all useful phone numbers: yours, the person you will be with, someone else you trust in case you can’t answer your phone- the neighbor is a good one if you get along with them. It doesn’t hurt to write down the emergency numbers that everyone is meant to know, if needed they tend to fly away from memory when people panic. Put them on the fridge with a magnet, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to get the number of the babysitter yourself as well and insist that they have your phone number already in their phone. On that precious contacts sheet, you should also put the address of where you’re going. Something most people also forget is to put the address and phone number of your own house. If emergency services need to be called and the babysitter doesn’t know the address, there’s going to be trouble.

But that’s enough for emergency related issues! Chances are nothing bad is going to happen.

Second- Dinner Time

If there’s any allergy, make sure you have written trace of it so the babysitter doesn’t forget. Put the usual time at which you feed the children, what food will be ready for them, and anything specific about dinner time.

Next up- Bedtime Routine.

What do they do after dinner, how long do they get to play, which toothbrush belongs to which child, and when do they get to bed are all very important questions that will need answers. Is a bedtime story usually read, what are the toys that are needed to sleep and do they usually have trouble going to bed are topics that the babysitter should inquire about. In case they don’t, you need to be ready to have all that information and give it to them, so they have an idea of how a normal evening should be going.

Last- The Rules

Things such as medicine, recurrent evening activities or what they can’t do/must do maybe sounds so usual to you that it doesn’t feel necessary to mention, but it’s better to go overboard with the information than risk your child having a bad evening because something was missing. Babysitters already have complicated relationships with some children, there’s no need to make it worse. You should also let the babysitter know the rules of the house. Children tend to be cheeky when parents aren’t around, and they could very much tell the babysitter that they usually watch TV for 2 hours after dinner. The rules need to be laid out as clearly they are when you’re around so that the babysitter can be respected and keep the house working smoothly.

With all of this armada of information and details, there is no reason why the evening shouldn’t go well. You can leave the house in the hands of someone that has all the tips and tricks needed for you to slip away and have fun for a night. Don’t stress out, and just remember the essentials: contact details, food, evening routine, your children’s particular needs and a big kiss on both their cheeks before you get your well-deserved night of relaxation.

Get our free downloadable PDF to leave with your baby sitter!!  Click HERE. 


Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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