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As parents, we always want the best for our children. Setting up our young ones for success heavily depends on the foundation that we give them. The world needs strong, kind, and compassionate individuals. This means that we need to teach our children all these while they are still young. But how can we inspire and instill in them with all these values? Well, outlined below are eight tips which any parent can find beneficial.


1. Always Act with Love 

In order for a child to be compassionate or kind, they need to learn it by how we treat them. Show them compassion and correct them with love. Be gentle when they make mistakes and remind them that they can do better next time. Every time we respond to their needs with love, they learn that this is the best way to take care of others even when they are faced with difficulties.  

2. Help Them Understand That Their Emotions Matter 

We should let our children know that it’s okay to express their emotions and that they matter. This helps to promote mental strength and they’ll learn to stand up for themselves. Besides that, it’s important to teach them how to manage their emotions. If they are angry or sad, encourage them to talk about it rather than screaming or being disruptive. If you notice your child doesn’t like going to school or they look withdrawn, take note of their feelings and encourage them to express themselves. 

3. Giving Back 

Generosity is one of the best values to instill in a child. It’s important to encourage them to get involved in something that’s greater than their daily activities. There are valuable lessons in volunteering and giving back to the community. Sharing and giving is a vital part of socio-emotional growth. You can do this by creating a service routine where they serve others by donating items, feeding the homeless etc. 

4. Walk the Talk

The best way to inspire your child is acting your words. Children learn a lot through observation rather than listening to words. If you want them to be compassionate, then you need to practice some random acts of compassion. When opportunities that require compassion pop up, simply act. I always try to show my young ones that anytime is the correct and best time to volunteer and engage in acts of compassion.  

5. Exploration Learning To Inspire  

Children usually learn by exploring the surrounding environment. You’ll find that your baby very busy in strange places, which can be very frustrating. However, exploration is normal for children and you need to encourage them. It helps to promote mental growth and encourage intelligence as well as inspire.  Teach them specific skills such as self-discipline, impulse control, or problem-solving. While they are still learning, your baby is bound to make mistakes. Remind them that a mistake is part of the learning process and allow the effects of the consequences to take place naturally.  

6. Instill Personal Responsibility 

For your child to be strong mentally, you need to instill in them the importance of personal responsibility. Although it’s important to allow them to make explanations of mistakes, do not take excuses when they misbehave or make mistakes. Ensure that you correct them when they try to blame others about their behavior, thoughts, or feelings. 

7. Gratitude Should Be a Priority 


You want your child to be strong, right? And not wallow in self-pity as well as other habits which inhibit growth. Gratitude is one of the best remedies for self-growth and to inspire your child. Your parenting model should be a “glass half full” life and not a “glass half empty “ life Teach them to affirm themselves and practice gratitude when things are going downhill. This means that even in dark days, they’ll still be able to be thankful and kind to themselves. Gratitude helps to encourage positive emotions and promote problem-solving skills.  

8. Build Character 

Overall, kindness, compassion, and strength need character development. We can instill good values in our children by facilitating character development which should start at home by asking them to help around the house. It’s also important to create opportunities which will reinforce these vital values. For instance, emphasizing on the need for honesty and gratitude in all situations. We should encourage them to try again after failure and make healthy choices that are not only beneficial to them but also others.

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