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Some days are just awful and you might end up feeling hopeless. I have felt this way countless times. Sometimes it’s a sick baby, a deadline that has to be met, a stressing spouse etc. But whatever the cause, it is possible to turn a bad day around and even end on a positive note. So, what are some of the things that you can do when you’re having a bad day as a mother?


1. Blast Your Favorite Song on Your Car Stereo

Listening to music has helped me go through tough times especially when navigating the beautiful chaos and challenges of motherhood. It’s one of the techniques which I sometimes use to turn a bad day around. To begin with, music has a unique way of changing our perception. It communicates to us, engages our senses, and can significantly improve a bad mood. The heart has the ability to sync to the tone as well as the rhythm. This leads to a better and relaxed heartbeat which results in lower blood pressure and reduced stress or anxiety.

So if you are having a bad day, blast your favorite song on your car stereo. Create a playlist from your favorite artistes, then sing and dance to the beat. Within a few minutes, you will notice that your bad mood or stress has melted away. You will find yourself nodding and clapping along, leaving all your day’s troubles behind.

2. Call a Friend and Vent

My friends are basically my support system. They’re part of my family. Sometimes everything becomes too much. Beating deadlines, taking care of the kids, paying bills etc. Venting helps to calm down my nerves, anxiety, and ease stress.

There are times we feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or just mentally drained. Motherhood is filled with tough challenges and some days are just difficult. To turn a bad day around and end on a positive note, you may need to talk to someone. Suppressing negative feelings always makes me angrier, irritable, and emotional. However, venting to my close friends usually lifts any burden that’s on my mind. I might not find any solution but it usually reduces my stress levels.

3. Spend 20 Minutes Writing – A Journal Style

One of the new things that I started doing once I became a mother was journaling. And over time, it has proved to be effective for my overall wellbeing. If I am going through a difficult moment, writing down my feelings is one of the first things that I normally do. For instance, if I am having a bad day, I use my diary to jot down whatever is happening. This helps to eliminate the swirling chaos in my mind and ease brain tension.
When you feel like you are overwhelmed with life or circumstances, just take a pen and start writing. Release all your fears, anger, and frustration on paper. Writing is a powerful keystone and a subtle way of venting. However, this time you are expressing all your feelings to yourself but still getting everything out.

4. Do A 10-Minute Meditation 


Are there days that you completely feel worn down and stressed by the grind? The constant daily struggles can really do a number on your wellbeing. But did you know that a 10-minute meditation practice can significantly counteract the negative effects of stress? Well, I personally can attest to this. Meditation is an incredible tool which I recommend to all moms. Additionally, it’s free and just at your disposal.

This practice helps to alleviate stress and anxiety thanks to its relaxing effect. A 10-minute meditation can calm the mind and body, creating a deeper connection between the two. So, if you are having a bad day, simply take a few minutes away and try to meditate. Trust me, you will come out of it feeling whole’ again with a new perspective.

Bad Days Happen But…

It’s inevitable to avoid bad days and they are bound to happen from time to time. However, one bad day shouldn’t just change your perspective in life. So, it’s always good to unplug and find techniques which you can use to turn a bad day around. Remember that motherhood is a journey, so you have to carry on but in a healthy way.

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