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100% Bamboo Washcloths – 6 Pack

The Absolute Best For Your Baby, Luv Your Baby Has The Highest Quality Premium Bamboo Wash Cloths For Your Baby, 100% Organic, Actually SOFTER than Cotton, With NO chemical treatment, Will Not Irritate Your Babies Skin Like Cotton Will.

Anti-bacterial Properties, Keeps Your Baby Healthy, Will Not Spread Germs And Bacteria On Your Babies Body Like Cotton Will.

Don’t Leave Your Baby Damp And Cold, These Wash Cloths Are Extremely Absorbent, Absorbs Moisture To Keep Your Baby Dry, Gently Enough For Your Babies Sensitive Skin, AMAZING For Babies Who Have Eczema

Hypo-allergenic Unlike Cotton To Prevent Your Baby From Having A Reaction,Comes In 6 Different Colour Wash cloths In Each Package Your Baby Is Sure To Love, They Are REUSABLE And Get Even Softer For Your Baby After Every Wash.

10″x10″ Cloths Are The Perfect Size For Feeding Your Baby, Bath Time With Your Baby, You Can Even Keep Some In Your Diaper Bag, Perfect For On the Go, Guaranteed To Keep Your Baby Clean, Comfortable, And Fresh All Day Long!

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